Aung Phyo & Joanne Ryan

Aung Zaw Zaw Phyo is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia. He completed his MPH degree at Mahidol University, Thailand; and also obtained his MSc in Epidemiology at The University of Melbourne, Australia. His research interests are in the area of health-related quality of life, cognitive impairment, geriatric epidemiology, and neuroepidemiology.

Associate Professor Joanne Ryan heads the Biological Neuropsychiatry and Dementia Unit in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. Joanne’s research is focused on the identification of early biomarkers and preventative interventions to reduce the burden of neuropsychiatric disorders and other age-related conditions, and thus to improve the health of older individuals.

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