Jong Bhak, Seungshic Yum & Hak-Min Kim

Jong's Ph.D. thesis is "Genome sequence analysis and methods" completed in 1997, MRC Centre, Cambridge, UK. He has been working to sequence everyone and everything on Earth to completely map the biopathways of aging. He predicts that by 2042, scientists will succeed to stop aging process completely in animals by altering the gene expression and epigenetic patterns of cells using. He defines the stopping and reversing of aging study "Geromics" for Gero+Omics. Geromics needs genetic precise targets for ‘writing/editing’ genomes. He tries to discover such geromic targets by hacking DNAs of jellyfish, coral, whale, bat, vulture, tiger, lion, leopard, crane, and humans.

Dr. Seungshic Yum has been working as a Principal Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), and a professor at Faculty of Marine Environmental Science, University of Science and Technology. Major interests are the marine environment and marine organisms in relation to environmental changes and the responses to the external stress by applying Genomics approaches.

Hak-Min Kim is a Bioinformatist at UNIST, Ulsan, Korea. He is interested in how animals evolved from their ancestors. He has participated in several animal genome projects such as tiger, whale, leopard, lion, vulture, and jellyfish. He is interested in discovering new mechanism of life propagation through genome informatics.

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