• ailierobinson

    Ailie is a PhD student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is interested in the chemical ecology of haematophagous insects, and exploiting aspects of their biology for novel methods of monitoring and control. She is currently working on parasite-vector-host interactions in falciparum malaria.

  • alessandrofiocchi

    Alessandro Fiocchi, M.D., is the Director of Allergy at the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome, Vatican City and co-Editor-in-Chief of the World Allergy Organization Journal. His publications cover the fields of food allergy diagnosis, follow-up, epidemiology, specific immunotherapy, and childhood asthma.

  • alessandrorecchioni

    Alessandro graduated in BSc Biochemistry from UCL, completing a research project on the investigation of archaeal antitermination complexes. He joined BioMed Central in 2013, and is Assistant Editor for BMC Medicine.

  • aliceridgway

    Alice studied Biology and completed an MRes at The University of Manchester before joining BioMed Central in 2012. She is Journal Development Editor for a portfolio of neurology journals.

  • alisoncuff

    Alison studied at the University of Reading completing a PhD on investigating the effects of mutations on the structure of p53. After working for a time in academia, she joined BioMed Central in May 2014, and is a Database Editor for the ISRCTN registry.

  • benjohnson

    Ben is responsible for the acquisitions strategy in biological sciences and for the development of the microbiology journals at BioMed Central. Before working at BioMed Central he was a postdoctoral researcher in virology at Imperial College London.

  • brianforde

    Brian Forde is a Professor of Environmental Plant Biotechnology at Lancaster University, and the Editor-in-Chief of Plant Methods.

  • elainezhang

  • Emma

    Emma manages the development of a cluster of neuroscience, veterinary and zoology journals. She previously worked as a researcher and holds a PhD in animal behavior.

  • Emma Cookson

    Emma is an Editor at the BMC series. Before joining BioMed Central in 2016 she did her PhD at University College London and postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • emmasaxon

    Emma joined the BMC Biology editorial team as an intern, shortly after completing her Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Nottingham.

  • faizahrafique

  • fionapring

    Fiona graduated with a BSc in Human Genetics from UCL before working for five years in the editorial team at the Royal Society. She came to BioMed Central in October 2010, and is responsible for strategic journal acquisitions within the biological sciences, and development of a cluster of cell biology journals.

  • Graham Bell

    Graham received a PhD in Developmental Biology from UCL/Cancer Research UK in 2014. He joined BioMed Central in 2015 to become a member of BMC Biology's editorial team, where he is an Associate Editor.

  • hannahlippman

    Hannah studied Biological Sciences at the University of Brighton before working in the NHS for several years. She joined BioMed Central as an Editorial Assistant in 2014 and now holds the position of Database Editor within the ISRCTN Registry, advocating complete and transparent clinical trial registration.

  • Hans

    Hans did research in evolutionary and developmental biology. He clipped fish fins and handled a laser beam to shoot at reproductive organs of worms. Now in safe distance from any lab bench, he works on various science communication projects.

  • helenmetherell

  • tallscientist

    Hilary received her PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge. Before joining BioMed Central in February 2015, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol and a Staff Editor for the Biochemical Society.

  • jamesmockridge

  • janehartman

  • Jen Shepherd

  • jigishapatel

    Jigisha earned her first degree in Medicine and her PhD on postprandial physiology from Queen Mary, University of London. As well as spending several years in hospital clinical practice and a year at the National Institutes of Health for her PhD, Jigisha has taught on the Professional Development course for medical students at University College London Medical School and human biology at the Open University. Jigisha joined BioMed Central in 2007 and had editorial responsibility for over 30 medical journals in the BMC Series. Jigisha leads the Research Integrity Group, with overall responsibility for BioMed Central’s strategy, standards and expertise in publication ethics and in high-quality, rigorous peer review.

  • jsegalesemarco

    Joaquim and Enric are presidents of the European College of Porcine Health Management and European Association of Porcine Health Management respectively.

  • julielian

  • kalpanaramakrishnan

    I am Journal Development Editor at BioMed Central with oversight for a number of open access cancer journals. Prior to joining BioMed Central, I completed a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • karen

    Karen Cheng completed a PhD in Cell Biology (Chinese Academy of Sciences) before joining BioMed Central. Karen blogs about microbiology and cell biology.

  • lizhoffman

  • matteopasini

    Matteo is an Editor at the BMC series. Before joining BioMed Central in June 2016, he graduated in Pharmaceutical Biotechnolologies at the Univeristy of Milan, Italy, and did a PhD in Neuropharmacology at the Univeristy of Catania, Italy.

  • Megan Haran

    Megan is an Assistant Editor for the BMC Series journals. Before joining BioMed Central in 2016, she graduated from the University of Michigan where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology.

  • mirandarobertson

  • mirandawilson

  • pavanchamdal

    With an interest in science, Pavan studied Psychology BSc at degree level, while working in small marketing roles. She is now working as a marketing assistant at BioMed Central, with responsibility for Clinical Health journals.

  • philipdooner

    Philip studied Anatomical Sciences at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2007. He joined BioMed Central in 2008 where he works on the Oncology portfolio.

  • robyntaylor

  • Sacha

  • samuelcruickshank

    Samuel came to BioMed Central in 2015, having received his Masters' in Biology from the University of Sheffield. He writes on all aspects of psychiatry.

  • sarahdowie

  • saraho

  • Sarah Theissen

    Sarah Theissen has a BSc in Applied Biosciences (Cork Institute of Technology) and a PhD in Endocrine Oncology (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland). She worked as a Postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston before joining BioMed Central in 2014. In her role as Senior Journal Development Editor, she works on a portfolio of oncology journals.

  • saschasteinbiss

  • thomasotto

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