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How lobby organizations engage in the policy-making process

Policy changes and initiatives are often triggered by the stakeholders that are going to be affected by those future policies. Citizens and smaller stakeholders often have very limited influence over the process of policy-making. But what is the structure of networks in which lobby organizations operate? A new article published in Applied Network Science provides a first step in the understanding of how lobby organizations engage in the policy making process.

Social Science

Identification of key films and personalities in the history of Cinema from a Western perspective


A movie’s success is usually measured by how much money it makes and how many awards it receives. However, this metric is flawed on several levels, not least because it doesn’t account for the long lasting culture impact a movie might have. Yet how does one measure that? One approach that has just been published in Applied Network Science takes a closer look at which movies and characters have visibly influenced other movies, thus attempting to determine key films and figures in cinematic history.

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