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Rare Disease Day quiz 2018


Rare Disease Day occurs annually, on the last day of February. It is an awareness day meant to increase cognizance and spark conversation among decision-makers, the public, and patients about rare diseases and the effects they have on lives. Take our quiz to see how much you know about rare diseases and to discover some things you might not know.


Are trial reporting standards improving?


To ensure that randomized control trials live up to their gold standard status, the reporting must be accurate and detailed. With new guidance being introduced like CONSORT extensions and TIDieR we would probably expect to see improvements in reporting standards, but is this actually the case? Research published today in Trials explores this by looking at the quality of reporting in trials testing drug adherence strategies before and after the introduction of the CONSORT extension.

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Why studying sleep won’t make you drift off


Sleep research has expanded dramatically in the past two decades and has grown into a truly multidisciplinary endeavor. In this blog, Dr Clete Kushida, Editor-in-Chief of Sleep Science and Practice discusses the changes in the field, and the opportunities that exist today.

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Improving global health clinical trials – where to begin?

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In the UK, the top three priorities in research methodologies for clinical trials have been identified as boosting recruitment, retention of participants and choosing outcomes to collect. But are these priorities the same in the rest of the world? In an effort to explore this, research published today in Trials surveyed researchers who have experience in trials in low to middle income countries. Here the authors tell us more.

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Science without borders – funding the world’s best cancer research

World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day, a global event that aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year through education, calls for action, and raising awareness. In this guest blog, Matt Lam from Worldwide Cancer Research shares how the charity is using collaboration to fund global research and the importance of publishing this research in open access journals like BMC Cancer, BMC Medicine and Molecular Cancer.

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