Podcast: Cardio-oncology, how cancer treatments affect the heart

While cancer survival has improved over recent decades with better treatments, anti-cancer drugs can also have adverse effects on the cardiovascular health of patients. In this podcast, we find out more from editors of our new Cardio-Oncology journal about how research is trying to mitigate this problem.


“As many as three-quarters of all patients treated for cancer will have received therapies known to have adverse effects to the cardiovascular system,” according to Steven Lipshultz, Editor-in-Chief of Cardio-Oncology.

The onset and severity of these adverse effects vary from case to case – sometimes they aren’t seen until many years later.

Cardio-oncology is an emerging field in medicine that looks at the effects of cancer treatment on the cardiovascular system. The ultimate aim of the field is to find a balance between the efficacy of cancer treatments and reducing the cardiovascular problems that can result from those treatments.

The editors of the new journal Cardio-Oncology, Steven Lipshultz, Joseph Carver and Giorgio Minotti, talk to us about their field in this podcast – its origins and future, the scale of the problem and how it affects patients.

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