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Taking action to overcome breast cancer


To mark the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, guest blogger Katherine Woods, Senior Research Communications Manager at Breast Cancer Campaign tells us more about their research recently published in Breast Cancer Research and the Off-patent Drugs Bill which they are now collaborating on. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (or ‘BCAM’ to those of us at… Read more »


Managing dyspnea: development of the Breathlessness Intervention Service


A randomized controlled trial published today in BMC Medicine reports that the multidisciplinary Breathlessness Intervention Service (BIS) is effective in helping patients with advanced cancer cope with breathlessness. In this guest post, Sara Booth, co-author on the trial and founder of BIS, explains the research. Breathlessness (also called dyspnea) is becoming recognized as one of… Read more »


A movement with momentum – the potential of clinical trials registries

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“The registration of all interventional trials is a scientific, ethical and moral responsibility” – World Health Organization (WHO) New research published today in Systematic Reviews suggests that the full potential of clinical trials registries is not being realized in the conduct of systematic reviews. The results revealed that only 35% of researchers used clinical trials… Read more »

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What’s killing us? The biggest causes of premature death


The general aim of medicine is to reduce the burden of ill-health and mortality, such that individuals are able to enjoy longer, healthier lives. Indeed, advances in medicine have meant that life expectancy in most countries has increased by around 10 years in the past 40 years, albeit with large variation between the richest and… Read more »


Breast cancer awareness: genes, behaviors and subtypes

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With October in full swing, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is underway to highlight the importance of breast cancer prevention, early detection and prompt treatment. Understanding the risk factors for breast cancer is key for prevention, and in BMC Medicine we take a look at how genetic and environmental factors contribute to the chance of developing… Read more »


Thrombosis – what you need to know

Thrombosis facts

Thrombosis – blood clots that form in an artery or vein – is the one disorder that causes all three of the world’s top cardiovascular killers: heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism (VTE). Today is World Thrombosis Day, and to mark it, the Editors of Thrombosis Journal have put together some of the key things… Read more »


Schizophrenia: quality of life and drug treatment

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To recognize World Mental Health day and its focus on living with schizophrenia we‘ve taken a look at some recent research emphasizing quality of life and treatment for those affected by this chronic mental condition. Seven adults out of every 1,000 have schizophrenia, with half of affected individuals not receiving appropriate care. Over 90% of… Read more »