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Advances in respiratory medicine: discussions at the British Thoracic Society Winter meeting and COPD 2012

Respiratory medicine is a main area of acute general medicine and for research funding agencies, which invest in large clinical trials and ground-breaking research into the pathogenesis and treatment of debilitating lung diseases. To keep up with the latest developments in the area, BMC Medicine recently attended the 3rd national conference on COPD (Nov 8th… Read more »


Studies on vaccine and drug mechanisms and effects using biomedical ontologies

Guest blog post by Yongqun He, who is series editor for the newly launched “Vaccine and Drug Ontology in the Study of Mechanism and Effect” (VDOSME) thematic series. The VDOSME workshop provides a platform for discussing problems and solutions in the development and application of biomedical ontologies to representing and analyzing vaccines and drugs. In this… Read more »


World Allergy Organization Journal joins BioMed Central

World_Allergy_Organization_Journal _70x70

From 2013, the World Allergy Organization’s official journal will be published by BioMed Central, transferring from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. World Allergy Organization Journal (WAO Journal) has been publishing since 2008 with a focus on articles with specific clinical relevance and practical measures that are critical for the practice of allergy anywhere in the world…. Read more »


Embrace "information overload" with Cases Database

BioMed Central has launched a new semantically-enriched search tool, Cases Database, which aims to enhance the discovery, filtering and aggregation of medical case reports from many journals. Open access to journal articles published under Creative Commons licenses which permit text mining enable the literature to be reused as a resource for scientific discovery. We are… Read more »

Medical Evidence Medicine Open Access Technology

This week in BMC Medicine: Statins, personalized medicine and biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins are the first line of treatment for hypercholesterolemia in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases but their side effects are associated with depression. Current research approaches aim to determine genetic variants, biomarkers and prediction models for improved management and individualized treatment of patients with cardiac conditions. These topics are highlighted in… Read more »


Side effects of prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory drug

Genome Medicine

Anti-inflammatory drugs are taken for many conditions including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and colitis. The most common class of these drugs, glucocorticoids, works very well, yet the side effects, such as muscle wasting and insulin resistance, can be so unpleasant that people stop taking them. For many years, it has been suggested that if a more… Read more »