Call for papers: Genome Medicine announces a series on Pharmacogenomics


Efforts to predict and monitor drug response in individuals and in the population have increased markedly over the past few years, but there is a need for replication, targeted resequencing and functional understanding, and for translation of pharmacogenomics research into the clinic.

The editors of Genome Medicine are now accepting submissions of Research, Method, Database, Software and Open Debate manuscripts for a thematic series on pharmacogenomics, scheduled to begin in Autumn 2012. Publication of these articles will be coordinated with a series of commissioned reviews and opinions, edited by Matthias Schwab from IKP Stuttgart,
and written by leading researchers, including Richard Weinshilboum, Ann Daly, David Booth and Eileen Dolan.

We welcome submissions across the field of pharmacogenomics including

*Adverse drug reactions
*Genome-wide association studies
*High-throughput technologies for pharmacogenetic questions
*Ethics and regulation of pharmacogenomic testing
*Response to chemotherapy
*Companion diagnostic testing
*Bioinformatic and systems biology approaches to pharmacogenomics
*Clinical trials

Please submit using our online system, and indicate in your covering letter that you would like the manuscript to be considered for the pharmacogenomics series. 

Genome Medicine has a special focus on the latest findings and technologies that have an impact on the understanding and management of human health and disease, and aims to provide a platform for discussion among scientists and clinicians from diverse disciplines.  We offer rapid, high-quality peer review and, in line with our open access policy, all original research articles will be distributed free of charge over the web. For further information, please visit the journal website, or contact

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