Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine joins BioMed Central’s portfolio

Today, Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine has published its first open access articles with BioMed Central. The journal, originally published by Novamedia srl, launched in 2006 as the official scientific journal of the Interdisciplinary Association for Research in Lung Diseases, AIMAR.

Editors-in-Chief Fernando De Benedetto, Claudio F Donner and Claudio M Sanguinetti have already seen the journal grow in size over the last 6 six years and receive its first Impact Factor in 2009. This is an exciting time for Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine as we look forward to its continued growth under the open access model. The opportunity for increased visibility offered by open access will surely help the journal to become the truly international publication that it hopes to be.

Amongst the inaugural open access articles is a review from Ilaria Campo et al. discussing the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis and the role of GM-CSF in future developments in this area, as well as a research article from Noduhiro Asai et al. that highlights how conventional prognostic guidelines for Community-Acquired Pneumonia could underestimate the severity of non-HIV Pneumocystis pneumonia.

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