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Well-trained residents deliver high quality patient care

Resident doctors have an important role in patient care. Although still in training, they are expected to provide a high standard of care under the supervision of experienced physicians. Residency training, which is mandatory to practice as a physician in the United States, aims to prepare doctors for the provision of quality care. The Accreditation… Read more »


Perioperative Medicine launches with new guidelines on fluid management during high-risk surgery

Perioperative Medicine launches today with important guidelines for fluid management during surgery. The consensus statement was agreed by the Clinical Leaders of the English Enhanced Recovery Partnership, set up by the UK Department of Health to improve recovery after major surgery. The statement provides important evidence-based guidelines for fluid management in high-risk patients, including the… Read more »


In the May issue of Genome Medicine: gene silencing, serum metabolomic profiling, gene regulatory network inference in cancer and more

Three research articles published in the May issue of Genome Medicine highlight the potential of post-genomic technologies in tackling carcinogenesis and improving therapy design. Firstly, Peter Scacheri and colleagues provide an insight into how epigenetic silencing of genes in colon cancer cells is attained. The study demonstrates for the first time that silencing of non-CpG… Read more »


Postgraduate medical examinations: should the number of resits be limited?

When medical students graduate in the UK, they must undergo further postgraduate training and assessment before qualifying as specialist doctors. This involves a two-year foundation program, followed by core medical training and specialty training. Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom (MRCP(UK)) examinations are undertaken at various stages of training to… Read more »


Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine joins BioMed Central’s portfolio

Today, Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine has published its first open access articles with BioMed Central. The journal, originally published by Novamedia srl, launched in 2006 as the official scientific journal of the Interdisciplinary Association for Research in Lung Diseases, AIMAR. Editors-in-Chief Fernando De Benedetto, Claudio F Donner and Claudio M Sanguinetti have already seen the journal… Read more »


Improving the discoverability of negative results in biomedical research

Journal of Negative Results in BioMedicine (JNRBM) supports the idea that scientists should be provided with balanced information which can offer a more complete scientific record, thereby reducing the risk of publication bias or later rebuttal of research. In addition to this, it promotes the discussion of unexpected and provocative negative results in the context of current… Read more »

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