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Current Controlled Trials - Clinical Trials The first edition of the Current Controlled Trials quarterly newsletter was published in April 2012, and we hope that our users find this newsletter informative. If you missed it, you can register to receive future editions. We encourage you to share these updates with friends and colleagues and to send any feedback you may have on the current issue or on content that you would like to see in future issues.

The ISRCTN register works  closely with the Department of Health and has been involved in a national initiative, ‘UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG)’, which aims to bring clinical trials to the attention of a wider audience. The key to the success of the UKCTG is providing the public with easy to understand information about clinical trials running in the UK. In June 2011, the ISRCTN register introduced a new lay summary fieldto include a plain English description of the trial, which is unique amongst trial registries.

To further promote transparency in clinical research and reduce reporting bias, in 2011 BioMed Central launched the initiative ‘threaded publications’, which puts trial registration – the first in a sequence of publications about a trial which might also include protocols and results – at the forefront of transparent reporting.

Finally, in 2012 we will be surveying our users on the functionality of the ISRCTN database and are eager to hear from trialists, researchers, systematic reviewers, health policy makers, patients and health professionals about how we can improve the database. To find out more please register to receive the newsletter, or submit your feedback online.

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