Journal of Physiological Anthropology has transferred to BioMed Central


of Physiological Anthropology
an official journal of the Japan
Society of Physiological Anthropology
, today publishes its first articles
after transferring to BioMed Central. Edited by Professor Akira Yasukouchi of
Kyushu University, Japan, Journal of Physiological Anthropology
publishes research on the physiological functions of modern mankind, with an
emphasis on the bio-cultural effects on human adaptability to current

the first articles to be published in the journal is a study from Miyazawa et
. investigating the use of γ-amino butyric
(GABA), a depressive neurotransmitter, as a potential treatment
of hyperthermia. The second launch article, a short report from Susilowati et
., discusses the effect of stress on the attention and
of older Japanese drivers.

Members of
Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology are entitled to a discount of £200 off
the standard article-processing charge of £700. For further information on this and
the journal, please see Professor Yasukouchi’s inaugural editorial
or visit the “About” page.

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One Comment

clara b. jones

1. IMO Anthropologists should applaud this event.
2. IMO This and similar events have the potential to save the field of Anthropology from disgrace as a science.
3. Perhaps, some year, the Anthropology section of the National Academy of Sciences USA will induct a Japanese Anthropologist into its fold as an Associate member.
4. However, it is rumored that the USA and foreign inductees have already been agreed upon by the NAS-USA Anthropology section through the year 2018.

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