Genome Medicine workshop at 7th Annual Meeting of Asian Epigenome Alliance

The Editors
of Genome Medicine are delighted to announce a Workshop on the
Epigenetics/Epigenomics of Disease to be held as part of the 7th Annual
of the Asian Epigenome Alliance/3rd
Shanghai International
Conference of Epigenetics and Disease. 

The meeting
will take place in Shanghai on 19-22 April 2012. During this three-day
conference, 48 leading scientists from around the world will highlight the exceptional
advances in the field.

meeting has been organized by Genome Medicine’s editorial board member Jingde
of Shanghai Cancer Institute/Renji Hospital and Lin He from Shanghai Fudan
University, in conjunction with Rebecca Furlong, the Editor of Genome Medicine.







The workshop
with Genome Medicine will have three sessions:

Genome Medicine day
Cancer epigenetics
and epigenomics
Epigenomics and autoimmune disease and asthma
Epigenomics and in the metabolic and psychiatric disorders

for the workshop include Esteban Ballestar, Jingde Zhu and
Bin-Tean Teh.

The sessions for the other two days include:
Chemistry and biology of the epigenetic signals and key players
Epigenetic(-omic) perspectives of the complex biological systems
High order chromatin structures in the complex biological system
Towards the epigenome reference maps: New conceptual and technological
Non-coding RNAs in development and disease

The Asian
Epigenome Alliance was launched in 2003 to promote epigenetic and epigenomic
research in the region.

For more
information, go to the website:

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