Faces of dementia: World Alzheimer’s Day

21st September 2011 marks the 12th World Alzheimer’s Day, which aims to achieve global awareness and  unite people with dementia around the world.

Dementia affects an estimated 35.6 million people in the world and according to the World Alzheimer Report 2011 as many as 28 million of these people have yet to receive a diagnosis.  With this number increasing rapidly, new research to help diagnose and treat this serious health issue is of great importance.

Research on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is multi-disciplinary, which means that you will find articles in a range of BioMed Central journals. Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy, is the specialist journal for articles on the disease, but Alzheimer’s research is published regularly in journals such as Journal of Neuroinflammation, BMC Geriatrics, Molecular Neurodegeneration and BMC Family Practice, to name but a few.

The breadth of research on Alzheimer’s is reflected in the diverse range of articles published, from basic research, detection and diagnosis, to service provision and clinical trials. Recent publications include Questions and Answers, Study Protocols, Reviews and Hypotheses articles, reflecting both the depth of existing knowledge and the huge amount of research still required to address this devastating condition. 


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