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Improving verbal autopsies

Identifying the causes of death in a population is necessary to inform planning, resource allocation, and for the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs that address these causes of death. Unfortunately many countries lack complete vital registration systems with medical certification of deaths and as such the cause of death information is often missing. However,… Read more »


Interview with Dr. Raoul Kamadjeu, co-founder of the Pan African Medical Journal, in anticipation of Open Access Africa 2011

Guest blog post by Charles J. Greenberg who interviewed Dr. Raoul Kamadjeu ahead of Open Access Africa 2011. This post is an extract from the full interview which can be accessed on Charles’s website Raoul Kamadjeu is a physician and co-founder of the Pan African Medical Journal. He is driven in all his projects by… Read more »

Developing World Medicine Open Access

New journal Extreme Physiology & Medicine is accepting submissions!

We are delighted to announce that Extreme Physiology & Medicine, a new open access journal, is now accepting submissions. Extreme Physiology & Medicine focuses on integrative human physiology under conditions of physiological stress, including that exerted by extreme environments, exercise, and certain clinical conditions. The concept underpinning the journal is that the study of human… Read more »


Medical Tourism – Concepts, Ethics, And Practices

  Thematic Series Editors: Silke Schicktanz, University of Goettingen & Tulsi Patel, Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, India Modern medical care in today’s global world market is accessible in many different locations, including the non-western countries. The provision of apparently reliable medical care in Asia at a fraction of the cost incurred in Western… Read more »


HIV cure research overview

HIV cure research is a topic that sits at the forefront of medical and scientific discussion. Remarkable progress has been made over the last decade since Kofi Annan called for a “war chest” to fight AIDS, a call which was endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly shortly afterwards and led to the creation of… Read more »

Developing World Medicine

Perioperative Medicine is now accepting submissions!

Perioperative Medicine is an exciting new journal that publishes highly topical clinical research relating to the perioperative care of surgical patients. Its essence is the distillation, examination and application of clinical evidence to improve surgical outcome. Modern perioperative medicine is a true multidisciplinary specialty and the journal welcomes research in all areas relevant to perioperative… Read more »


Predicting genetic risk for disease

A lot has been written about the potential for genomic information to revolutionize medicine. Much of the excitement centers around the idea that if we know an individual’s genome we can use this information to predict risk of a particular disease and then give specific treatment. In a research article published in the latest issue… Read more »


New aspects of thyroid hormone synthesis and action

Disruptions to thyroid hormone synthesis and action is one of the most common endocrine disorders. The actions of thyroid hormones are crucial to most body systems, hence the effects of thyroid disorders are felt with varying degrees of severity. Thyroid Research has recently published its first supplement, ‘New aspects of thyroid hormone synthesis and action’,… Read more »