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Break out the bubbly – Medical Gas Research launches

BioMed Central launches Medical Gas Research this week, a new open-access journal led by Editor-in-Chief John Zhang. Medical gases are used in a variety of multidisciplinary fields of clinical practice such as diving medicine, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, hyperbaric oxygen medicine as well as basic science research fields including biochemistry and neuroscience. As Professor Zhang explains… Read more »


Threaded publications: we need you and your data for the next phase

BioMed Central recently convened some inaugural ‘threaded publications’ discussions in Oxford, UK. This post is an expanded summary of the discussions and next steps for the concept. Many thanks to Prof Doug Altman, Mr Geoffrey Bilder, Sir Iain Chalmers and Prof Mike Clarke for their contributions. What is threaded publications trying to achieve? What a… Read more »

Medical Evidence Medicine

Don’t be a fool; check your stools

Some of you may be reading news items posted today with a certain guardedness to avoid being caught by the customary tall tales that appear as part of April Fools’ Day frivolities. This, however, is no joke. April 1st marks the beginning of bowel cancer awareness month, with many organisations and individuals doing their bit… Read more »