Monthly Archives: February 2010

Meet Professor Jean-Louis Vincent at ISICEM

  The International Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine (ISICEM) is an annual event open to all intensivists and clinicians working in the critical care field, and is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this March. To mark this occasion, Critical Care is giving delegates a unique opportunity to meet Editor-in-Chief and ISICEM chairman Prof Jean-Louis Vincent, and… Read more »


Research needed to prevent enrollment error

In a systematic review published this week in Trials, Simpson and colleagues investigate techniques and interventions to reduce inappropriate enrollment of patients into clinical trials. Key eligibility criteria ensure the exclusion of patients likely to be harmed by treatments, and enrollment of patients in violation of these criteria can result in avoidable harm including serious… Read more »


Predicting progression of Alzheimer's disease

The rate at which Alzheimer’s disease progresses varies greatly between patients.  Clinicians are often asked by patients and their families to predict the rate of decline, however there is currently little data available to base such predictions on.  In research published in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy this week, Doody et al. have used a simple,… Read more »


First articles published in Molecular Autism

The launch of Molecular Autism today provides autism researchers with a new forum for basic, translational and clinical study into the molecular basis of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. In their lead editorial, Editors-in-Chief Joseph Buxbaum (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) and Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge) present Molecular Autism’s mission statement.  The journal’s unique… Read more »


Multiple microRNAs muscle in on diabetes – research in Genome Medicine

Muscle mRNA expression is invariant with respect to diabetes status, but coordinated changes in numerous microRNAs may control protein abundance and affect skeletal muscle insulin resistance, according to research recently published in Genome Medicine. Muscle insulin resistance is a condition characterised by normal levels of insulin but a reduction in muscle glucose uptake, which can… Read more »