Alzheimer’s researchers call for increased UK funding in dementia

Leading Alzheimer’s experts have called upon the UK Government in an open letter to end underfunding in dementia research, and triple it to £96 million within 5 years.  Signatories include John Hardy and Nick Fox from the Editorial Board of Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, a journal recently launched by BioMed Central.

The letter says: "Within a generation, 1.4 million people in the UK will live with dementia, costing our economy £50 billion per year. Yet for every pound spent on dementia care, a fraction of a penny is spent on research into defeating the condition. Our key weakness is lack of funding, not lack of talent.” This letter coincides with a London summit bringing together scientists, doctors, carers and people with dementia.

At this pivotal time in dementia research, our new journal aims to become the major forum for translational research into Alzheimer’s disease. It will publish open access research articles, allowing immediate access both to the scientists working in this area, and the increasing number of patients it effects.

For more details about the journal, please visit the journal information page or contact the editorial office. To keep up to date with the latest developments, news and articles being published in this exciting new journal, please register to receive regular alerts.

Frances Mulvany
In-house Editor – Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy

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