Video interview with Professor Michael Kidd, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical Case Reports

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A video interview with
Professor Michael Kidd, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical Case Reports
has recently been posted on the journal’s

In the interview Michael Kidd
describes the reasons for launching this exciting new journal; primarily to
create a dedicated, open access home for case reports – articles which have often been overlooked by
mainstream journals. 


Professor Kidd extols the importance of case
reports for communicating new and unusual clinical findings, including early
reports of new and emerging diseases such as SARS and bird flu, and reports of
rare side-effects of new medications. In
due course, all case reports published in the journal will be aggregated into a
structured case reports database. The database will also draw content from other
sources, making it possible to search for example, for patterns of drug
reactions, hopefully driving future research.


As case report
articles are relatively short and simple to prepare, this new journal also
provides a great opportunity for new authors to publish for the first time,
sharing important lessons learnt from their clinical work.


of Medical Case Reports
was launched in February 2007 and has already
published over 50 case reports. A list of the most viewed case reports is also available.

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Dear Professor Kidd,

Really you are doing wonderful work.The case reports published so far has been excellent and an journal of this type is much needed as big jounals reject case reports and are very picky.
Xrays & MRI pictures need bit more calarity to see the pathogies ,especially the spine ones.Keep it up.
God bless you Prof.

With warm regards and best wishes

Dr.R.P. Gupta


what is the impact factor of this Journal
Prof Dr Mirjana Perisic
Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
Medical Faculty Belgrade

jennifer lier (nee combe)

Hi Mike,

I was goggling famous people and guess what, you appeared….great to read about your latest ventures….how is your mum? I often think of her. I was remembering how supportive you were when our daughter Lucy was born with paralised vocal cords. Cant believe time has flown since we left school…pass on my regards to your mum, Steve and Di

Lots of love Jen

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