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Deep learning for coronavirus pandemic risk

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Pandemic risk prediction for animal-origin coronavirus is very important for prevention and control of infectious diseases. A new study published in Infectious Diseases of Poverty proposes a deep learning method to predict the phenotype of human infection for animal-origin coronavirus. Following direct input of viral genome data, pandemic risk will be achieved with high confidence.

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A conversation on the role of mouse mammary tumour virus on human Breast Cancer with Dr Lawson and Dr Bevilacqua

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The Covid 19 pandemic has dominated global life, death and public interest. However, the crucial problem of breast cancer continues. A new review, Catching Viral Breast Cancer, explores the probable viral origins of breast cancer. James Lawson, senior author of the review, and Generoso Bevilacqua of Pisa, Italy, a leading researcher into the origins of breast cancer, join us in a discussion about breast cancer.


Community Health Workers at the Dawn of a New Era

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Community health workers were first trained in China as barefoot doctors almost a century ago. Since then, they have been trained in many countries throughout the world with varying degrees of success. A new supplement examines the role and importance of community health workers.


Meet the SDG3 researchers: Uduak Okomo

Dr. Uduak Okomo is Clinical Assistant Professor with the Vaccines and Immunity Theme, MRC Unit at the Gambia at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A paediatrician and epidemiologist by training, her research is focused on better measurement and reduction in the burden of newborn mortality in developing countries, particularly neonatal infections, infection control, and antimicrobial resistance.

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