The COVID-19 pandemic calls for control and remediation measures, and a systemic response

The Olympiads of Solidarity and Health

Let us all share without counting our time and skills

Let us keep united in action to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming all of society, including the economy, lifestyle, human relations, education and understanding of life. It is a general systemic health crisis. Its resolution requires a transdisciplinary systemic response. The mobilization of all the good will and available skills is the only way for us to meet the major challenges of tomorrow, while respecting fundamental human rights.

The pandemic also shows us that it is possible to undertake effective actions now, in particular to reduce the factors that have aggravated the crisis, such as the increase in transport and urban pollution. The crisis strengthens our ties through spontaneous impulses of solidarity and mutual aid that are multiplying throughout the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing about astounding changes in the course of events, changes that seemed impossible not long ago. We must remedy the unpreparedness that penalized us in our reaction, and respond to the health and economic emergency that impacts the most fragile persons, particularly the elderly. We have to start  investing now, preparing the future while avoiding a media frenzy around exaggerated or unfounded promises.

The Olympiads of Solidarity and Health:  open and citizen science for collective advanced intelligence.

A chain of solidarity is emerging spontaneously between patients, caregivers, confined people and inventors of solutions on the field, the true  heroes of everyday life. This process of self-organization prevails already in the scientific world. The mathematical and computer resources used for weather forecasting are the same as those used to monitor and control the course of the pandemic in real time. COVID-19 has appeared, is spreading, and will most likely disappear, but it could reappear if we let our guard down.

The scientific and medical community is mobilized to understand, prevent and treat COVID-19. Open collaborative research, which took years to complete, is being undertaken expeditiously. The “Olympiads for Solidarity and Health” have begun, based on the open practice of science and knowledge sharing for the common good. They are already a long-term, benchmark practice to accelerate the development of diagnostics, drugs and vaccines.

The COVID-19 Olympiads: collective advanced intelligence for metamorphosis into a new world.

The COVID-19 Olympiads, which are underway during the pandemic, will help transform health systems and reduce their costs by mobilizing collective “advanced intelligence” that combines human knowledge with the computing power of machines. A shift is thus taking place from reactive to proactive medicine to prevent disease. It paves the way for a “World Alliance for Health and Well-being”, which will have to develop in partnership with United Nations organizations such as UNESCO and WHO.

There will be no turning back after the COVID-19 pandemic, but there will be a metamorphosis towards a new world. This transformation will be based on the collaboration of doctors and scientists complying with the oaths they have sworn, with all stakeholders in society, from patients to decision-makers. An uncertain world, but one that is more humane and fraternal, will thus emerge from the path that we will all build together.



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