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Quitting smoking on World No Tobacco Day: what does the research say?


World No Tobacco Day is organized by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco on health and to advocate the implementation of policies aimed at reducing tobacco consumption. In this blog we mark the occasion by revisiting some recently published research, with a focus on implementing feasible interventions.


Geospatial artificial intelligence: the technology standing on the shoulders of giants


The molding together of artificial intelligence (AI) and the geographic/GIS (geographic information systems) dimension creates geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI). Not just the technologies powering your Uber, there is an emerging role for GeoAI in health and healthcare as location is an integral part of both population and individual health. In an editorial recently published in International Journal of Health Geographics, Maged N. Kamel Boulos and colleagues discuss population-level GeoAI applications for public health and smart cities, and integration of GeoAI into precision medicine.

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