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The effects of external-cause-of-injury coding system transition on injury hospitalization trends – Winner of the Jess Kraus Award

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The Jess Kraus Award is given each year to the authors of the best paper published in Injury Epidemiology. This Year’s winning paper exemplifies several criteria for the award, such as simplicity and clarity. In this guest blog, Editor-In-Chief Professor Guohua Li, chats with the lead author of the study, Dr Svetla Slavova on the importance of the paper.

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Moving towards universal health coverage: engaging non-state providers


Non-state providers of health services play a major role in the delivery of health care in many low- and middle-income countries. As universal health coverage has become a priority for the global health community, understanding the role of various non-state providers and how they contribute to reaching this goal is critical. A new collection in the International Journal for Equity in Health presents case studies from seven countries on engaging non-state providers towards universal health coverage. Here to discuss the importance of the research on this year’s World Health Day championing #HealthforAll, are Guest Editors, Zubin Cyrus Shroff and Krishna D Rao.

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