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World Refugee Day 2015


There were more than 59.5 million refugees forcibly displaced around the world in 2014, half of which were women and children. With record numbers of people fleeing, this has become a pressing issue on both a humanitarian and research level. We take a look at some of that recent research to mark World Refugee Day 2015.

Developing World Health Medicine

MSF Scientific Day 2015

MSF 2015

The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) helps deliver medical aid to those affected by epidemics, conflicts, natural disasters and more. This blog, originally posted on the MSF website, provides a snapshot of this year’s MSF Scientific Day.


Global innovation flows will help pave the way for sustainable health development

global health

The ‘reverse innovation’ movement in global health was strategically conceived as a means to assess innovation diffusion and learning from low to high-income countries.

Since the launch of the Globalization and Health series on this subject two years ago, there has been much excitement and debate on this subject. How can this work best help inform on-going dialogue on international development?