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Air quality questioned at oil and gas sites

Training the community

A paper published today in Environmental Health has raised concerns about air quality in areas surrounding oil and gas operations, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking) sites. Caroline Cox, an author on the paper, is Research Director for the Center for Environmental Health, a US nonprofit working to end health threats from toxic chemicals in air, water, food,… Read more »


Developing compassionate health care

Christos Lionis

Our new journal, the Journal of Compassionate Health Care launched today. In a Q+A, we asked the Editors-in-Chief, Sue Shea and Christos Lionis, to tell us more about the field and what they hope to achieve with the journal.   What is compassionate health care and how has it developed? Compassionate health care is a rapidly… Read more »

Health Medicine

The 'Process Map': guiding scientific collaboration

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“the substantive findings of science are a product of social collaboration and are assigned to the community…The scientist’s claim to ‘his’ intellectual ‘property’ is limited to that of recognition and esteem…” proclaimed the American historian and socialist Robert K. Merton in 1942. He believed science to be a ‘communist activity’ and an institution where researchers… Read more »

Developing World Health

Ebola and the beginnings of a tragic saga

JP Chippaux

Panic; major social, economic and political disruptions; border closures and violent protests; this summarizes the state of affairs in the three countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, where the Ebola epidemic is raging. The current number of Ebola cases far surpasses the total number of cases reported for all previous Ebola outbreaks combined and it… Read more »

Developing World Health

How safe is the air we breathe?


Research in the field of particle and fiber toxicology doesn’t often hit in the headlines, but these researchers have been vital in uncovering human health ‘black holes’ – illness-causing issues on a grand scale. We take a look into the field, some of its history and what’s still left to uncover. There’s a material that… Read more »