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How do we manage the health impact of the economic crisis in Europe?


An unprecedented economic crisis is affecting Europe, focusing mainly on the southern countries. Improving health and reducing health inequalities in this macro-economic environment is going to be a great challenge, which the new thematic series in International Journal for Equity in Health discusses. In this guest blog, Dr Miguel San Sebastián, one of the series… Read more »


"I am a man who sees death every day" – health and the Syrian conflict


It’s over three years since the conflict in Syria began. With people dying daily, crucial services and support systems disrupted, and challenges in providing international aid, the health and welfare of millions of people hangs in the balance. In this guest post for the journal Conflict and Health, Joseph Fitchett and Lalitha Bhagavatheeswaran, Director and… Read more »


Football – is it good or bad for your health?


Football might be a sport that gets its players fighting fit, but as it turns out the story isn’t quite so simple for its dedicated fans. We’ve had the highs and lows, tears and cheers, and now we’re reaching the end of 2014’s World Cup. So I thought this seemed a good opportunity to see… Read more »


The Black Death. Could it make a comeback?


The Black Death(or bubonic plague to give it its official name) was a great pandemic, peaking in 1346–53, that devastated the realms of Europe, killing millions of people and depleting populations. But is this a disease confined forever to the history books or is it a dormant threat? The Black Death didn’t just kill people… Read more »

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Health Services Research conference – a final roundup

HSR conference

Our Health Services Research conference took place last week. Guest bloggers Jay Shaw and Anita Kothari, round up the last day and give us their thoughts on the conference overall. The final day of the conference started with two thought-provoking speakers who invoked a flurry of twitter activity. Anne Sales, with the University of Michigan,… Read more »


Health Services Research conference – Highlights from Day 2


Our Health Services Research conference continues at King’s College London with its second day. What did we learn? And, what were the highlights? Guest bloggers, Jay Shaw and Anita Kothari, round up Day 2 with their key moments. Three thematic sessions organized the day: Implementation Science, Health Economics, Health Human Resources and Health Systems. Here’s… Read more »


Welcome to Health Services Research: Evidence Based Practice 2014!

HSR logo

Guest bloggers Jay Shaw and Anita Kothari kick off the 2014 Health Services Research conference with some conversation starters. Leading up to this conference, Jay Shaw wrote about the importance of connecting with new colleagues for a better understanding of how various disciplines conceptualize problems to health services issues. He also wrote about the need… Read more »