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Introducing the Health and Applied Sciences publishing group

Health and Applied Sciences

The Health and Applied Sciences group of journals covers research  in the field of health promotion, health services provision and harm prevention. This includes public health, global health, nutrition and health services research. It is a complex area, encompassing the fields of health and medicine, but also psychology, economics and politics. It is also one… Read more »


Effects of national parks on human well-being

 National parks vary in their effects on human well-being, finds a new systematic review published in Environmental Evidence today. The study adds to our understanding of how to create and identify most useful national parks, and how best to evaluate existing conservation strategies. Researchers from Bangor University and the University of London investigated the impact… Read more »

Biology Health

New journal series on “Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of health worker in-service training” are now available

Two articles from the series, called “Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of health worker in-service training: Closing the gaps between evidence, practice and outcomes,” are now available through the open-access journal Human Resources for Health. A framework for outcome-level evaluation of in-service training of health care workers/I-TECH presents findings from a PEPFAR project that… Read more »


Training on the job: getting health workers' training right

      Training of health workers has long been an important part of healthcare systems and is needed both before and after workers enter the health services systems as qualified healthcare professionals.  Investment in in-service training (IST) is a crucial part of ensuring the long term efficiency, safety and scalability of health services. After… Read more »