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Multimorbidity and Equity in Health thematic series is launched

      Multimorbidity, the co-occurrence of health conditions in individuals and populations, is a phenomenon with high burden and high prevalence in persons and groups of disadvantaged circumstances, such as those of low socioeconomic status, immigrants, and ethnic/cultural minorities. International Journal for Equity in Health has just launched a new thematic series on Multimorbidity… Read more »


Medical tourism

People are responding to economic constraints and the global healthcare market by travelling outside of their domestic country to seek alternative options for expensive medical procedures. The availability of apparently reliable medical care in a range of countries including in  Asia and Eastern Europe at a fraction of the cost incurred in Western countries has… Read more »

Health Medicine

New study about the determinants of health equality

European countries have for a long time emphasized health care systems based on equalitarian views, and the debate about health care reform is ongoing in the United States with multiple arguments for and against change. One important motivation discussed has been the income gradient in access to health care. While many have looked to more… Read more »