International Neuroethics in Medicine: a call for papers


Our understanding of the nervous system and brain are being re-shaped by the development and use of neuroscientific techniques. These advances in neuroscience are also changing our understanding of the functions of consciousness, cognition, emotion and behaviour, as well as the nature of dysfunction, and the classifications of normality and abnormality. The expanding applications of the neuroscience foster questions about the definition of treatment, the limitations and limits of biomedical technology, and issues of justice in the provision of medical goods, services and resources. Neuroethics is the ethics of these questions, and is somewhat contentious.

Given the broad international scope of neuroscientific research and use, neuroethics must be sensitive to multi-cultural issues to be viable in the pluralist world-stage that defines 21st century medicine and society.  To address this, we are pleased to announce a cross-journal thematic series which addresses ‘International Neuroethics in Clinical Practice: From Bench to Bedside and Beyond’. The series Editors are James Giordano, Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine, and Dan Stein, guest Editor.

We welcome submissions addressing the questions, concepts, problems, and potential solutions in medical research and practice as enacted internationally and cross-culturally. To gather the full range of viewpoints we researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the sciences, humanities and practices of medicine are all invited to submit to this thematic series. Enquiries regarding this series should be directed to James Giordano at

Submissions to this series are welcome to the following journals and all manuscripts will undergo rigorous peer review according to the relevant journals’ policies.  The deadline for submissions is 31st January 2014, when submitting, please indicate ‘International Neuroethics in Clinical Practice: From Bench to Bedside and Beyond’ cross-journal thematic series in your cover letter.

Annals of General Psychiatry Behavioral and Brain Functions Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders BMC Medical Ethics BMC Neurology Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation Experimental & Translational Stroke MedicineBMC Psychiatry BMC Neuroscience Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury Journal of Molecular PsychiatryBMC Psychology The EPMA Journal Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in MedicineLongevity & Healthspan Molecular Autism Journal of Neuroinflammation Molecular Brain

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