Health Literacy in Public Health: Call for Papers

Archives of Public Health is inviting submissions for a new thematic series on Health Literacy in Public Health.

The journal is seeking original manuscripts that present empirical research on health literacy applied to the field of public health including:

• Measurement of health literacy in community settings or at population level
• Links between health literacy, healthy lifestyle, health outcomes and health service use
• Role of health literacy in explaining socio-economic disparities in health
• Interventions to advance health literacy or to facilitate access of services to persons with low levels of health literacy

While predominantly applied to health care services, the concept of health literacy has in recent years been expanded to include information seeking, decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking applied to disease prevention and health promotion.

The deadline for submissions to this thematic series is 2 September 2013. Please submit your manuscript via our online submission system stating in your covering letter that your submission is intended for the ‘Health Literacy in Public Health’ thematic series. All accepted manuscripts will undergo rigorous peer review according to the journal policy. Please send any pre-submission enquiries to the Guest Editor Stephan Vandenbroucke.

For further information, please visit the
Archives of Public Health website, or contact the Editorial Office.

Stephan Vandenbroucke
Guest Editor, ‘Health Literacy in Public Health’ Thematic Series
Archives of Public Health

Herman Van Oyen and Olivier Bruyère
Archives of Public Health



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