Monthly Archives: February 2013

Child not a bride

Your wedding day. An occasion that for most, is one of the best days of your life. A day to celebrate the union of two people in love, committing to a life-long journey of happiness. Yet for some, marriage represents nothing more than the end of life as they know it, and opens a door… Read more »

Developing World Health

Reverse innovation in global health systems: Call for papers

The initial call for submissions for the new thematic series, ‘Reverse innovation in global health systems: learning from low-income countries’ from Globalization and Health has generated immense interest from across the world. This series aims to move beyond the narrow constraints of traditional thinking to promote bi-directional learning that challenges and rethinks traditional practice within… Read more »


Evidence-based sports nutrition: efficacy and energy drinks

 Back in the summer, to celebrate the Olympics and the value of sports medicine research, a group of BioMed Central journals headed by BMC Medicine launched a thematic series: “Advances in Sports Nutrition, Exercise and Medicine”. The series has just been extended to include a systematic review from the International Society of Sports Nutrition on… Read more »