WHO launches a country assessment tool on the uses and sources for human resources for health (HRH) data

There is widespread recognition of the need for accurate, timely and effective human resources for health data to inform the development of policies on human resources for health in countries. However, many low and middle income countries have week information systems that can generate data that could guide the policy dialogue to scale up the health workforce.

To respond to this crisis the World Health Organization has directed its efforts and achievements in leading the global research agenda to support countries to strengthen their Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). As part of these efforts the Human Resources for Health Unit (HRH), WHO developed the Country Assessment Tool on the sources and uses of HRH data to conduct a diagnosis on the quality of data on HRH and the degree to which information is used for evidence-based decision-making.

This diagnostic tool contains questions intended to gather information on the uses, type and quality of data on HRH at institutional level in countries. This step is critical to identify strengths and weaknesses of the current HRIS in countries. The resulting information can then be used to identify priorities and develop strategies to strengthen the HRIS at district, regional, or national level.
Available at: https://www.who.int/hrh/statistics/survey_use_source/en/index.html

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