Communication award won by co-Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Health

Philippe Grandjean receives award, courtesy of University of Southern Denmark
Each year, the University of Southern Denmark awards a communication award to a top researcher at the University, and this year, Professor Philippe Grandjean, co-Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Health has been awarded the prize.

Grandjean is considered Denmark’s leading researcher in the field of environmental medicine and receives this award for his contribution to the communication of this scientific knowledge to many audiences and for his focus on the populations most at risk of health damages caused by environmental contaminants.

Philippe Grandjean along with his U.S. co-Editor-in-Chief David Ozonoff started Environmental Health, the first open access journal on environmental medicine in 2002. One of the only open access journals to focus on the impact of the environment on public health, Environmental Health is at the top of its field.

The journal has already had an enormous impact on promoting open communication between researchers. The growing interest in the journal is reflected in the fact that since its founding a decade ago, Environmental Health has received more than one thousand manuscripts. Individual articles are usually accessed several thousand times within a few years of publication, the highest number for a single paper being close to 100,000. In 2011 alone, there were more than 100 articles published in Environmental Health. The journal’s website has more than 60,000 visits each month which is soon projected to increase to 100,000 visits a month.

In recent years Philippe Grandjean has made great efforts to raise the awareness that the fetus and neonate are particularly vulnerable to pollution. The recently published article entitled Developmental origins of non-communicable disease: Implications for research and public health, highlights the effects of environmental contaminants on the developing fetus.

Grandjean has frequently participated as an expert and lecturer at hearings organized by the Danish and EU Parliaments. He has also lectured in both the US Senate and House of Representatives.



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