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Harm Reduction Journal partners with Harm Reduction International

Harm Reduction Journal has recently affiliated with Harm Reduction International (HRI), formerly known as the International Harm Reduction Association, one of the leading international non-governmental organizations working in harm reduction and drug policy reform.  Together, Harm Reduction Journal and HRI aim to reduce drug related harms by promoting evidence-based public health policies and programs to… Read more »


Tobacco Induced Diseases welcomes Dr Constantine Vardavas

Dr Constantine Vardavas has recently joined Tobacco Induced Diseases, the official journal of the International Society for the Prevention of Tobacco Induced Diseases as co-Editor-in-Chief alongside Dr James Elliott Scott. Constantine Vardavas is with the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health. Throughout his academic and professional career, Dr Vardavas’ research has focused on the… Read more »


Longevity & Healthspan is now accepting submissions!

 Longevity & Healthspan is an exciting new interdisciplinary open access journal focused on the biology of aging in the context of age-related disease and healthy lifespan. The journal emphasizes advancing our understanding of how age-related changes in structure and function become risk factors for or accompany age-related diseases or conditions, and the biology underlying healthy… Read more »


'Chronicity' and chronic health conditions: implications for health and health care

Chronic diseases are diseases that persist over time and include both the traditionally identified non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular and metabolic disease and cancers) and infectious diseases which require long term management or serial treatment of acute episodes. Recent technological and pharmaceutical advances have supported better diagnosis and long term management of chronic diseases but come at… Read more »


Getting aid to where it is needed: research from Globalization and Health

In the early 2000s, the international aid community started to fund health programs through Global Health Initiatives (GHIs) which provide aid and support for tackling infectious diseases and for implementing immunization programs against childhood diseases. However, priorities set by GHIs and by governments are not always the same, an issue which is discussed in Globalization and Health where ‘agency theory’… Read more »

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