“Chronicity” and Chronic Health Conditions: Implications for Health and Health Care – Call for Papers


Chronic diseases are those which persist over time.
Recent advances have supported increases in longevity, however many countries
are struggling to find the right balance for health care financing. Chronicity
affects not only the individual with the disease but also their immediate peer
group and has implications for healthcare systems. Exploration into the
concept of chronicity provides an opportunity to critique models of
personal responsibility through to the health systems level and encourages the
conceptualization of alternative health care delivery based on projections of
chronic diseases into the future.    

In 2011, Globalization and Health will be publishing a special issue “Chronicity” and Chronic Health Conditions: Implications for Health and Health Care, and are currently inviting papers
from researchers, academics, policy makers and practitioners involved with or
interested in exploring the value of chronicity as a concept in the management
of chronic health conditions in a global health context. Papers may be research
reports, policy analyses, commentaries, debates or short reports.




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