Monthly Archives: July 2010

"Food Pyramid" may require change

In the US, the “Food Pyramid” guidelines, which outline nutritional recommendations to the public, are reviewed on a five year basis. However, this model, adopted by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, is believed by some scientists to be contributing to the widespread obesity of the nation. Dr Richard Feinman, founder of Nutrition& Metabolism, appeared on… Read more »


Does steroid use lead to aggressive tendencies?

The recent shootings carried out by fugitive Raoul Moat in Northumbria, UK highlight the growing belief that steroid use may be linked to aggressive outbursts. With some 250,000 people using steroids in the UK alone, how likely is it that they pose a threat to society? The media have reported that Moat was addicted to… Read more »


Population Health Metrics publishes new thematic series highlighting improvements in mortality statistics

  Accurate mortality statistics are fundamental to help guide priorities in public health policy, planning, and resource allocation. Reliable information on levels of mortality and leading causes of death enables decision-makers to strategically design, fund, and implement programs to ensure the greatest possible impact on longevity and quality of life. The thematic series, “Measuring mortality… Read more »