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Automated Experimentation – a new independent, open access journal

Automated Experimentation launched today, providing a new platform for biomedical and informatics researchers to revise, re-use and recombine their automated experimentation processes or protocols. With recent advances in engineering, laboratory robotics and informatics, the automation of experiments are becoming increasingly important for expediting large-scale research, particularly in areas such as systems biology and translational medicine…. Read more »


Canadian research initiative seeks to increase child vaccination rates in developing countries

Research published today in a supplement entitled ‘The fallacy of coverage: uncovering disparities to improve immunization rates through evidence‘ explains why some children in developing countries are not receiving vaccines. The supplement, published in BMC International Health and Human Rights also shows how targeted, low-cost interventions can increase vaccination rates, at times doubling or tripling… Read more »

Developing World Health

New publication! : Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health

We are pleased to announce the publication of the "Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health, with special applications in low- and middle-income countries". This Handbook offers health managers, researchers and policy makers a comprehensive and standard reference for monitoring and evaluating human resources for health. It brings together an analytical framework… Read more »

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