Monthly Archives: May 2009

BMC Women’s Health publishes over 100 articles

BMC Women’s Health is proud to announce that it has reached and surpassed its 100th article milestone. The journal, launched in 2001, continues to steadily attract submissions, and publications have risen by 50% in the last three years. The journal has published a number of high quality articles. A recent one to highlight is ‘Help-seeking… Read more »


Global research initiative points way to cut stillbirths

A first-ever global review examining measures to prevent over 3.2 million stillbirths worldwide was published in a BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth supplement today.   Stillbirths are still underreported and largely absent from data records and national policy-making. The supplement, entitled Stillbirths – the global picture and evidence-based solutions, provides an in-depth analysis of the burden… Read more »