"Education for Health" publishes its contribution to the International Joint Special Issue on Scaling up Education of Health Workers

Human Resources for Health is very happy to announce that the journal "Education for Health" has published its latest issue as part of the International Joint Issue on scaling up education and training of health workers.

The issue, actually their 20th Anniversary Edition, is available on-line (free open access) at  the Education for Health’s website: https://educationforhealth.net/articles/defaultnew.asp.

The Human Resources for Health Journal would like to thank Michael Glasser, Margaret Gadon and all at Education for Health for their collaboration on this issue.

The International Joint Issue is led by the HRH Journal and comprises the collaboration of over 20 top medical journals, who will each contribute in their own unique way – from June 2008 to June 2009 – on the theme of scaling up training and education of health workers.

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