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GIS in practice

Web GIS in practice VI: a demo “playlist” of
geo-mashups for public health neogeographers

Maged N Kamel Boulos, Matthew Scotch, Kei-Hoi
Cheung, David Burden

International Journal of Health Geographics
2008, 7:38 (18 July 2008)

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GIS in Practice
is an “edutorial” (an editorial and short practical
tutorial) series created as a service to the community, especially the GIS and
public health practitioners.

Internet geographic information system (GIS) has
forever transformed the way we approach and analyze geographic information. It
has also changed the audience of this information (both consumers and
producers), making it available to, and modifiable by, the wide masses, thus
realizing the vision of community or ‘participatory GIS’ (the democratization
of ‘consumer
health geoinformatics

The recently published article focuses on
highlighting examples and ideas from four geo-mashups (geographic websites or
services which create new data sources by combining data from different
sources), with the aim of encouraging public health practitioners to use these
methods in their everyday practice.

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