International Breastfeeding Journal participates in the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development

Breastfeeding Journal
has published an editorial entitled ‘Infant
feeding, poverty and human development
’ as part of
Council of Science Editors’ Global Theme
Issue on Poverty and Human Development

Over 200 journals are involved in the Global Theme Issue, in which
science journals throughout the world simultaneously publish articles on this
topic of worldwide interest on October 22, 2007. The aim is to stimulate
interest and research in poverty and human development and disseminate the
results of this research as widely as possible.

Breastfeeding Journal
aims to help support and protect the health
and wellbeing of all infants by publishing research relevant to breastfeeding
and exploring the socio-economic factors associated with it.
The editorial highlights that
breastfeeding could prevent a large number of child deaths and that poverty
threatens breastfeeding, both directly and indirectly, for example with the
increasingly aggressive marketing behaviour of the infant formula manufacturers
and the need to protect the breastfeeding rights of working women.

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