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Golden Death Bacillus – the nematode digesting bacteria with biocontrol potential

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Parasitic worms can cause huge damage by infecting humans and livestock, but the effectiveness of drugs commonly used against them is waning due to increasing resistance. Here Tony Page discusses his group’s study in BMC Biology on how the “golden death” bacterium, Chryseobacterium nematophagum, which digests parasitic nematodes from the inside out, could potentially be used as a future biocontrol agent.


Where’s the Whale? Quiz


On this World Whale Day, we’ve been diving deep into the archives to find our most interesting research on our aquatic friends. Recreationally, around the world, people often enjoy embarking on whale watching trips – but where will you find the most enigmatic species? Researchers have spent many years documenting and recording whales and their migration routes, like some sort of Orwhaleian dystopia… but how much do you know?


The pig fat quiz of the year


“Pigs are so compelling, so mysterious, so contradictory – finicky yet fat, massive yet dainty, stolid yet smart. We can’t decide what we think of them.” – Nissenson M, Jonas S. The ubiquitous pig. 1. New York: Abrams; 1992