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DNA Day Quiz – 2018


DNA Day is celebrated globally on April 25th (the day that papers were published in Nature, on the structure of DNA). The goal of this special day is to offer students, teachers, and the public an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in genomic research, and how those advances might affect our lives. Learn more about DNA and the latest research, on our special landing page.


Is plastic waste the next global environmental crisis?

Plastic carrier bags and other garbage pollution in ocean

To celebrate Earth Day we invited Frederic Gallo, lead author of a recent study published in Environmental Sciences Europe to talk about his research on one of the most pertinent environmental issues today: marine plastic pollution. Frederic discusses the disastrous consequences of microplastics on marine life, sets out measures to prevent these, and highlights the work his colleagues are performing around the world in the fight against plastic pollution.


Could new epigenetic cancer treatments be impacting the future offspring?

Epigenetic cancer tx feature image

New advances in epigenetic drugs are allowing new options for the treatment of cancer and other diseases–but could these new treatments possibly have long-term effects that impact the fertility of both female patients and their future offspring? A recently published study in Clinical Epigenetics suggests that this is something that should be more closely examined in clinical drug trials given the results in their recent study examining the drug Tazemetostat and its impact on oocytes and germline genomes in female mice.

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