Monthly Archives: February 2017

Low-grade Inflammation: DNA Methylation Sites and the Pursuit for Potential Therapeutic Targets


In this podcast, Symen Ligthart, a Ph.D. student at Erasmus university, Rotterdam, discusses the association between DNA methylation sites and inflammation with a particular focus on sites that strongly associate with CRP levels. Symen believes that we need to understand more about these sites and the genes they influence in order to identify potential therapeutic targets and develop an understanding of low-grade inflammation.


How flies are flirting on the fly

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to let someone know you’re interested in them, often with a card or bunch of roses. But how would you go about this if you were a fly? Research published today in BMC Biology reveals a previously unrecognized mate recognition system where female flies dazzle potential suitors with light flashes from their wings.