Monthly Archives: September 2016

What is a Pseudoenzyme, and why?


The latest research in the pseudoenzyme field was presented at what claimed to be the world’s first dedicated pseudoenzyme conference in Liverpool earlier this month, with the ways in which they function and evolve among the topics discussed.


Urine: an untapped resource for human disease modeling


The genetic diversity of muscle diseases is extensive, and new tools are required to investigate the mechanisms of disease and test new therapeutic interventions.  Cells isolated from patients serve as a source for specific models that allow for the study of disease in the context of the patient’s own genetic landscape, and these cellular models are taking on increasing importance.


The future of epigenetic drugs


In the light of increasing knowledge on the role epigenetic factors play in disease, it is now becoming apparent that epigenetics could be ideal therapeutic targets – particularly taking into consideration that many of these epigenetic factors are reversible. Epigenetic drugs are incredibly potent and can help reverse abnormal gene expression that can result in various diseases.

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