Monthly Archives: August 2014

An update on the Earth Microbiome Project

When BMC Biology launched its iconic image we acknowledged the extreme artistic licence of portraying selected vertebrate phyla pictorially while whole microbial kingdoms were denoted with a single blob. This was not intended to signify a lack of interest in the microbial world on our part, and to update our readers on a major effort… Read more »


Winners of the BMC Ecology Image Competition

Editors Pick

As well as being an art form, photography is an important tool used by researchers to document their observations. Earlier this year, BMC Ecology launched its second image competition to showcase images of the natural world. Now we have the great pleasure of unveiling the winners. “The best work often shows that new phenomena –… Read more »


Transcriptional regulation and disease: a new article collection

Cell & Bioscience is delighted to bring to you a brand new article collection, Transcriptional regulation and disease, edited by Professor Yi-Ching Wang. This special collection of reviews brings together insightful information on the nature of transcriptional regulation and its dysregulation in diseases, focusing on ribosomal gene transcription, RNA editing, non-histone methylation and DNA methylation… Read more »


Reading the new map of breast cancer

Dr Nick Peel

Research published today in Genome Biology could improve treatments, and the targeting of treatments, for breast cancer. In this guest post, Cancer Research UK’s Dr Nick Peel describes the history of the findings and what they could mean for future research. Just over two years ago a landmark study took our knowledge of breast cancer… Read more »


Uprooted: tree communities threatened by great winds


We’ve all seen images on the news of the aftermath of a storm. Branches, and sometimes whole trees, lying forlorn on the ground amongst a jumble of debris. But while the news focuses on the human impact of these events, there’s also the ecological impact to consider, as a paper published in BMC Ecology earlier… Read more »