Sustainable Chemical Processes – a new journal from Chemistry Central

Sustainable Chemical Processes, a new open access journal published by Chemistry Central, sister publisher of BioMed Central, is now accepting submissions.

The journal has a broad scope, covering all scientific and engineering aspects of sustainable approaches in chemistry. This includes, but is not limited to, green routes to isolation, purification and synthesis of compounds; all aspects of catalysis and biocatalysis that lead to sustainable processes; approaches to reduce water consumption in chemical processes; and aspects of nanotechnology.

Some topics will be of particular interest to readers of Biotechnology for Biofuels such as biomass conversion and use of renewable resources, including valorization of agricultural and industrial waste. The journal will also publish research into biofuels and biorefineries, as well as other alternative sources of energy (such as hydrogen generation and storage, solar cells, fuel cells and photovoltaic cells).

Editor-in-Chief Munishwar Gupta from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi hopes that the journal will catalyze cross-fertilization of ideas from disciplines that are different, yet united with a common theme of sustainability. “Open access is about removing the barriers among scientists” he explains, adding that promoting interaction between scientists from developing and developed nations will be a key theme of the journal. “This is a journal that does not classify sustainable chemistry as a new exclusive club, but one which welcomes any fresh ideas and innovations from anybody, anywhere”.

Sustainable Chemical Processes will publish its first articles later this year. Manuscripts can be submitted via the online submission system, or for more information contact the editorial team at

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