Announcing a new thematic series on the ‘Developmental basis of mood and anxiety disorders’ now accepting submissions

The burden of mental illness includes a variety of serious problems associated with mood and anxiety disorders and remains one of the most significant worldwide health issues. It is therefore of global importance that research focuses on identifying the underlying causes of these dysfunctions, in order to identify targets for treatment and management of these disorders.

To this effect, Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders aims to provide a forum for discussion surrounding the biological and patholphysiological basis of these disorders. In order to highlight the different complimentary threads of research into mood and anxiety disorders, we will be publishing a number of thematic series, collating articles looking at different biological bases of disorders.

The second of these thematic series is now accepting submissions on the topic of the developmental basis of mood and anxiety disorders. This series is guest edited by Nim Tottenham, who is a leading expert in the field of developmental affective neuroscience. The series welcomes research and reviews on developmental studies in mood and anxiety disorders, including human fMRI studies and animal models related to mood and anxiety disorders.

If you would like to submit a manuscript, please do so via our online submission system clearly stating in your covering letter that your submission is intended for the ‘Developmental Basis of Mood and Anxiety Disorders’ thematic series.

For more information about the journal, visit its About page, contact or read our instructions for authors.

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