2012 STS/CCS Honorary Medal awarded to Carl-Henrik Heldin

Awarding of the CCS/STS Honorary Medal
Carl-Henrik Heldin (middle) is presented with the STS/CCS Honorary Medal by CCS Editor-in-Chief Stephan Feller (left) and acting STS President Frank Entschladen (right)

The Signal Transduction Society (STS) has partnered with BioMed Central to publish Cell Communication and Signaling (CCS) for nearly five years.

Since 2010, the “STS/CCS Honorary Medal” has been awarded each year at the annual scientific meeting of the STS.  This year’s award was presented yesterday to Carl-Henrik Heldin (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Sweden) in recognition of his major contributions to the field of signaling research.  Carl-Hendrik is particularly known for his important work on the PDGF receptor.

Among keynote speakers at this year’s STS meeting was Stephan Feller, Editor-in-Chief of CCS.  The special focus of this year’s meeting, tumor biology, has been of interest to Stephan since his doctoral research.

Throughout the years of partnership between BioMed Central and the STS, CCS has gone from strength to strength.  Earlier this year, CCS received its first Impact Factor, an impressive 5.5, reflecting the high quality of the articles published in the journal.

Fiona Pring

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